Crab Sensations

Crab Meat is one major delicacy you rarely find in family meals, probably because of the cost of sea food, or the stress of getting the meat out of  its shell, or the lack of what to cook with it.
Crab is really good in soups and surprisingly sandwiches.

For Sandwiches:…
Boil crab till its tender and get your meat out of the crab
mix with Philadelphia cheese or any grated cheese of your choice, sprinkle some black pepper
top with lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes
Serve with white bread, brown bread or baguettes  .
This can also be made as a toast or made as a Panini.
Simply fill up bread with crab mixture and its topping, then place in a toaster or panini machine to cook.

For a crab recipe :….Making the Stock

                                                          Serving 6-10 people.

Boil 6-10 crab in water
Add spices such as stock cubes,salt, thyme, mixed herbs
Add  sliced onions and leave to boil till crab is tender,
Add grounded cray fish,
Add dry fish or any other assortments of your choice (Optional)

Mama’s recipes tv

At this stage you can do a lot with your crab recipe.

Option 1
Crab with vegetable

My recipes

Add 3 table spoons of palm oil or vegetable oil in to boiling crab stock
Add 4-5 table spoons of freshly blended pepper or dry pepper, allow to boil for 5 minutes
Add chopped Spinach or any type of vegetable leaf
Cover pot and reduce cooking heat to allow vegetable steam up for 5 minutes and retain its color…
Serve with rice, pasta or any local grain of your choice.

Option 2
Crab fried stew

Heat vegetable oil in a separate pan,
Add a tiny bit of garlic/onions into frying oil
Add chopped tomatoes and grounded pepper or freshly blended pepper in to frying oil
Stir fry till pepper/ tomato is looking a bit fried.
Add the already prepared crab stock with the crab in to the frying chopped tomatoes and pepper
Fry for another 3 minutes….then its ready
Serve with a combination of boiled rice and beans, or serve with boiled yam or boiled plantain or eat with plain boiled beans.

Option 3
Ogbono with Crab.

Add 2-3 table spoons of palm oil in a heated pan,( just slightly heat pan and not very hot)
Add 2-3 table spoons of grounded Ogbono in to preheated oil
Mix till it becomes a paste and its drawing.( Make sure you mix till there are no lumps visible)
Add paste into already prepared crab stock and mix thoroughly.
Depending on how thick you want it, add a bit of water, then leave to boil under considerable low heat for 5 mins.
Do not cover pot of soup, leave open till its done to prevent the soup from lacking texture and burning fast.

More recipes to come …enjoy…!


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