Ofoodi Receives Recognition Award

Ofoodi Receives Recognition Award

CRS & USAID Exhibition Ofoodi Receives Recognition Award: In 2018, Ofoodi had the opportunity to serve at the Catholic Relief Services and USAID Exhibition in Abuja, Nigeria. This event brought together stakeholders in the food and nutrition sector, including international organizations, government agencies, and private sector players. The goal was to showcase innovative solutions that […]

Groundnut Recipe Exhibition

Groundnut Recipe Exhibition

Recently, T.O.S.D.I participated in the Groundnut Recipe Exhibition for the Zero Hunger World, which aimed to showcase the importance of groundnuts in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Groundnuts, also known as peanuts, are a rich source of protein and essential nutrients and can help fight malnutrition and hunger globally. At the exhibition, T.O.S.D.I […]

Protein Grains

Get to know the benefits of the nutrients you take in, the ones to avoid and the ones to stick to. Your health is your wealth. At the livelihood project feeding the children of the Nyanyan community with the Ofoodi Nutrion Cereal. The best food choices boost the brain development of a child. This is […]

The Ofoodi Safe Water Storage

Ofoodi Safe Water Storage

The OFOODI Safe Water Storage Project provides Becky Pots to households in Nigeria’s Agu Gbayi Community to treat, preserve, and monitor safe drinking water, empowering communities towards sustainable development. #CleanWater #SustainableDevelopmentGoals


From seeds to markets and markets to your kitchen the OFOODI Nutrition Rich Cereal is a combination of great naturally gluten free grain-protein and legumes. Providing quality good food in one serving, highly nutritious, sustainable and good for the planet.  Designed to cub malnutrition, reduce poverty,  embracing the value of traditional foods and maintaining good […]

The World Food Day Nutrition Programme

The #WorldFoodDay was celebrated by exposing these lovely ladies to healthy eating and a nutritious life style. It was an amazing time attending and mentoring 75 girls from the Kabayi Secondary School, North Central Nigeria.  The ladies enjoyed a seminar session on questions and answers about the girl child from our partnering friends from the […]

Nutrition Programme Healthy Versus Unhealthy Sandwich Challenge

The Ofoodi Nutrition School Club Programme enlightening School Children on Nutrition and how to identify Nutritious Meals. Exposing them to what a Sustainable Nutrition is and the Sustainable Development Goals. Demonstration on healthy cooking and environmental hygiene. With Action Aid Activista Nyanya driving an end to malnutrition and alleviating poverty. The Sandwich making challenge  Boosting […]

The Nutrition School Club Program

With Action Aid Activista Nigeria on the Ofoodi Nutrition School Club Programme. Alleviating Poverty, ZeroHunger, An End to malnutrition. Boosting a shared responsibility for the Sustainable Development Goals. #Goal1, #Goal2 #Goal3 #GlobalGoals #SustainableDevelopmentGoals #Sdg #orientingfoodinternational #SustainableNutrition #SustainableMeals #FoodAdvocacy #FoodSecurity #HealthyNotHungry #ActivistaNyanyan #ActionAid #GlobalImpact, #GlobalGoals #CommunityDevelopment #SocialImpact #NutritionProgramme #WorldFoodProgramme #WorldHealthOrganization #UnitedNations #SDG #YouthsForChange #Ofoodi #NationalDevelopment #Humanitarian […]


What to be in life is one major question you get to ask yourself at some point. It actually  takes you studying yourself to realize what potentials you have got.  On becoming you and finding yourself, you have to unlearn some unnecessary  things and relearn  necessary  things.What brings out the best in you is the […]

How to use Radish

Radish can be used in vegetable stir fry or added to sauces. It can be used in Omellete or Egg Stir Fry. It can be blended with your Fresh Tomatoes and Bell Peppers. It can be used in Yam Porridge,Beans Porridge,Potato Porridge or Plantain Porridge. It can be used for your Chicken and Beef Kebabs. […]