Stressed Out!!!!!!

Stress is inevitable as we don’t live in isolation. Working, eating, cooking, marriage, family, boss, government..stress is everywhere, no one is speared.The best you can do for yourself is to always find that relaxation time, where you not only sleep but eat stress relieving meals.

Eating just any meal generally could help you forget the stress but might not give you that total relief you so desire. Therefore, vital nutrients are needed to boost your body balance and energy level rather than swallowing medication whenever you are tired.

Asparagus is a very nourishing example, it’s everywhere though not commonly eaten by everyone. It contains high folic acid that help’s stabilize your mood. You could boil it or stir fry with seasoning or without, it’s an excellent combination with mash/unmash potatoes and gravy, sea bass, fish and chips, fried rice and it could fit in to any thing you eat with vegetables. So ensure it’s included in your meals, it’s highly nutritious.

Beef  is another example. It’s high level of Zinc, Iron, B Vitamins helps in strengthing the body, giving the body mass and also stabilizes your mood. (It is a protein diet option if you want to add weight).

Milk is high in antioxidants, vitamin B2 and B12. It is very ideal for breakfast and takes away that early morning sluggishness, teary eyes, frowny face, scowy brows,yawns and stretches that could prolong the day.

Fruits are generally high in Vitamin C and in some fiber, it’s like a form of entertainment when everything/everywhere gets boring, just take it out on the apple or orange or a glass of fresh juice, it helps faster that “smushing” stress balls.

Picks/Nibbles are very good options when the mouth gets bored or when your taste buds starts giving you funny ideas about how it wishes to taste sushi or grilled fish while you are in front of your computer and cant be asked to cook or leave what you are doing.

Dessert is under this category also, especially if lunch wasn’t enough and you are feeling weary, even after drinking water.

Tuna gives vitamins B6 and B12, so once in a while treat yourself to tuna chunks especially for light dinners that will allow your stomach breath while you are asleep.

A brief summary in form of a Food time table could help you have a stress free life and a happy face:

Breakfast Options:
A bowl of cereal with milk no choco, oats, pap, custard or yoghurts with fruits.

Brunch Options: ( After breakfast and before lunch)
A piece of toast, cold glass of orange juice, water or a cuppa (tea)

Lunch Options:
Full blown eba and ewedu or egusi with beef, banga soup with starch,gbegiri/ewedu and amala…hehehehe, rice-stew-boiled egg-beef and plantain, oxtail stew-rice and peas, sea food fried rice with beef, chowmein-beef chunks and prawns, fish and chips,pasta, courgettes, tuna salad, curry dishes. etc Ensure beef is included, a bit of veg- asparagus, carrots, sweetcorn, etc.

Dinner options:
A can of Tuna, pizza, noodles, amala and ewedu, beans and corn, cassava drink-garri and fish, suya-(roast beef) and garri, moi moi (bean pudding) and garri, asun (roast goat meat) and garri……i just love garri, it goes with almost anything.

Dessert Options:
As usual sweet nicks- cakes, almonds,flapjacks,monkey nuts, groundnuts, peanuts, roast plantain, roast/boiled corn,ice cream, plantain chips, gala, cookies,………….anything quick and easy to grab.

Time is very limited and can never be enough, so make a food routine that would help you relax even when there’s no time and free yourself from stress.

Love ya loadsxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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