Pineapple and Vegetable Fried Rice.

Eating the same type of dish is very common in homes where you have busy working individuals, no chefs or no maid to help in the kitchen.
Rice usually falls in this category of repeated recipes, especially for Nigerian Events. A wedding or party without rice is not just real!!.

White rice in particular is a prominent classic for any kind of menu, no need for too much though, simply wash into boiled water, add salt, leave for about 20 minutes depending on the quantity cooked and Boom!!! there you have it.

Fruits however could serve as a twist to your repeated menu/ recipes.
Sauteed spiced Pineapple graciously goes with any kind of rice.
On this occasion,  our focus is on Fried rice.

A preliminary step to including fruit:
In a wok or frying pan, simply add freshly cut pineapples, into 2tbps of heated Peanut oil
sprinkle some dry pepper on top
add some thyme and other seasonings like salt and stock cubes to your taste
stir fry for 2 minutes
add to already boiled/cooked fried rice, stir together
add already steamed Vegetables (Sweetcorn, Carrots, Green beans)
leave for 2 minutes and its ready to be served.

To serve in a Pineapple fruit:
Cut pineapple in to half from crown to bottom
Use a knife to cut a circle in the pineapple, ensuring the knife doesn’t pass through the back of the pineapple.
Scoop out gently the fruit being cut with a table spoon
Place the pineapple back on a flat plate and serve in your rice.

“What food is to you is what you think of it”
The Chef


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