Farmers Market Day (Food Africa)

A healthier Africa is achievable. We are a human population with the greatest potentials in the world. We need to preserve and enhance our human capacity for development. Food is secure in our land, our healths are flourishing. We have a positive mind set to take on the World! #orientingfoodinternational #SustainableNutrition #FoodSecurity #HumanDevelopment #Humanitarian #HealthyNotHungry #EndPoverty #EndHunger #Endmalnutrition #Goal2 #GlobalGoals #SustainableDevelopmentGoals #wfp #FAO #Ofoodi #ofoodifarmersmarket #BringYourShoppingBagsAlong


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Ofoodi Receives Recognition Award

Ofoodi Receives Recognition Award

CRS & USAID Exhibition Ofoodi Receives Recognition Award: In 2018, Ofoodi had the opportunity to serve at the Catholic Relief Services and USAID Exhibition in

Groundnut Recipe Exhibition

Groundnut Recipe Exhibition

Recently, T.O.S.D.I participated in the Groundnut Recipe Exhibition for the Zero Hunger World, which aimed to showcase the importance of groundnuts in achieving the United

Protein Grains

Get to know the benefits of the nutrients you take in, the ones to avoid and the ones to stick to. Your health is your

Ofoodi Safe Water Storage

The Ofoodi Safe Water Storage

The OFOODI Safe Water Storage Project provides Becky Pots to households in Nigeria’s Agu Gbayi Community to treat, preserve, and monitor safe drinking water, empowering communities towards sustainable development. #CleanWater #SustainableDevelopmentGoals

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