TGIF baby..woohoo!

Pshew’, “it’s been a very long week and i can’t cook this weekend, i can’t be bothered, would just grab some fast food tingy to eat”.

Yo! it’s not a bad idea, but you could experiment a home made 15 minutes Chinese delicacy over the weekend! *smiles*

Introducing….The Kung Po Sauce. 

Onions x2, depending on the number of peeps you are cooking for.
Chopped tin tomatoes x2
Fresh Ginger – thumb size
Fresh Garlic x2
Red Chilies x5
Pineapple x1-(Cut in to cubes or small size
Chicken stock (a reasonable quantity)
Chicken stock cubes. ( Seasonings, depending on how tasty you like your food)
Soy sauce (optional: 1 table spoon -depending on preference)
Green pepper x1 (optional: Cut in to chunks)
Carrots x3(Optional: Chopped)
Marinated diced chicken/meat/pork or prawns( Kung po anything you want)

Use marinated  fresh chicken straight away or precook, per boil/steam up chicken if you wish,
Dice chicken into cubes …then heat cooking oil (a reasonable quantity) in a nice looking WOK, or Frying pan…
…add the chicken, stir fry till it becomes cooked and remove from the cooking oil.(leave fried/cooked chicken aside)
Finely dice the onions, ginger, garlic, chilies(depending on how good your taste buds can handle spice),carrots, green pepper, soy sauce into the oil and stir fry for 1 minute.

Add your chopped tomatoes, Pineapple cubes, Chicken stock, seasonings and  mix together, allow to boil then add you cooked/fried chicken. Stir properly and serve hot

 The Kung po sauce is best eaten with noodles,egg fried rice, boiled rice or anything else you can be creative with.

You can add any kind of sauce you want, whether soy, oyster, rice vinegar, dark soy sauce or even combine them. The essence is just to give it a perfect color of your choice and a savory aroma.
You could also “melange”.. mix all kinds of extras like fish, meat, prawns, sweetcorn, spring onions, peas, anything vegetable…just to sooth your taste. Enjoy your meal.

Please drop your comments  and ask questions…
Do have a lovely weekend!!! 

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