How to spot a bad yam

Choosing a very good yam can be a hard task sometimes. It’s usually a guessing game or just following your instincts approach. Some people really do well and choose very good ones.

Few tips can be considered when trying to buy a good yam.

  • Don’t necessarily go for the humongous looking ones. This doesn’t mean you should condemn any yam you feel has a shape you haven’t seen before i.e abnormal. It is classified as food waste. Sometimes yams can have contours,curves and dents. What this means, is, you should look carefully and not choose a yam because its bigger than the rest in it’s pile.  
  • Look out for roughly dry ends, edges and dry skin.
  • Look out for holes particularly around the top. If the holes extend to the middle of the yam, that’s a bad one. You would need to cut off many bad parts to get the good ones.
  • Look out for black spots. Some yams literally have black spots, they are a no no, because when cooked they turn brown, taste bitter and hard in the mouth.

Things to note

  • You could use your nail to peel a tiny part of the yam. It could help but it’s not entirely sufficient.
  • You could get a knife and cut the root head off to see what the inside and texture looks like.
  • Small or medium looking yams mostly turn out great.
  • Most of the ones with farm soil on them have a more than 75 per cent chance of being good. Except it’s been infected from the farm or was harvested prematurely.
  • Saving some part of a bad yam is not entirely healthy. Whilst cooking it turns dirty brown and after cooking the look and texture becomes pinkish in color.

Nutrition wise.
If you are cooking a yam and it turns brown and dark brown it’s not advisable to consume.
If it turns pinkish in color, don’t consume.

A healthier lifestyle is a great future for a sustainable health ,food nutrition and human society.
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